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    How to Connect GoDaddy Domain to Hostinger

    Want to know how to point or connect Godaddy domain to Hostinger hosting in few steps Keep on reading as this tutorial will show you how to connect the godaddy domain to hostinger hosting cPanel

    Firstly To connect Godaddy domain to hostinger hosting we only need to change the Godaddy nameserve to hostinger nameserver

    After this process you can easily install wordpress on your domain name

    How to Connect GoDaddy Domain to Hostinger

    How to Point Godaddy Domain to Hostinger?

    Before you install wordpress in your hosting we need to change the godaddy nameserver to hostinger nameserver

    Hostinger’s Nameservers are:


    What is Nameserver for Domain

    Further let’s understand the meaning of domain nameserver Firstly let us say a nameserver is a type of DNS server. DNS server store our every domain data like, A records, MX records, CNAME etc… without this DNS server you won’t able to store any domain data.

    Surprisingly Domain DNS is not just to stored data but also help us in SEO like analytics, ssl certificate more…

    If you getting harder understanding the DNS system soon you will become pro if you use this everytime, therefore we can say Domain DNS is our lifeline

    Easy Words: whenever you get bored you read books but if the book has no words written then it is incomplete without the words the same goes with domain the domain is incomplete without the DNS nameserver

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    How Do I Connect My Hostinger To My Godaddy Domain?

    Accordingly to me this is the only easiest step for beginners to understand Lets Follow with the step by step process

    Login to Godaddy account and go to My products option where you can see all your domain name

    • Select Manage DNS
    • Swipe down you can see the Nameservers option
    • Click on the Change option and change the godaddy nameserver to hostinger nameserve given on top
    How to Connect GoDaddy Domain to Hostinger
    How to Connect GoDaddy Domain to Hostinger
    • Changing the nameservers at your domain name registrar.

    This method is very helpful for the beginners to change the nameservers at your domain name registrar now wait for the 24 hours to get confirmed with your hostinger account but it will takes only 5 to 10 minutes to get updated.

    Now you don’t need to do anything on your godaddy site now your domain DNS name is transfer to your hostinger account and you can control your domain DNS setting through hostinger cPanel

    How to Add Domain Name to Hostinger Account

    Once you connect your godaddy domain to hostinger the Next Step to add your domain name in hostinger cpanel

    • Login to your Hostinger web hosting and select hosting option
    • Click on Add Website
    • Paste your domain name url
    • Enter a new passward and click on add website

    finally we have completed all this step now your domain name has successfully linked to your hostinger cpanel

    Before you go further Firstly Know How to Install WordPress In Hostinger

    How to Connect GoDaddy Domain to Hostinger


    Hence We have finished this tutorial, we have learned how to connect godaddy domain to hostinger domain the method is same for all domain service provider just follow the given steps and connect your domain name to hostinger cPanel
    Nowadays transfering domain from one server to another is becoming very easy to use in a few click the domain link to another server

    At last What do you think about this features let me know in the comment section

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